by Melanie Gierth

On the 2 of October, the Redcats made their way all the way to Munich to play against the Munich. Unfortunately, we did not have enough players from the Redcats Team, so the girls from Cologne helped us out and we had a nice friendship game. Our two new players (Alina and Melanie) had the chance to play their first game and Marion could show everybody what the Redcats are capable of Because it was a friendship game, we played under the name “Flamingos” to honor a former team member who died in a horrible car accident. Don’t drink and drive, go pink for life.

We played 9v9. The game was dominated by our Cologne girls, so to create a better game flow we mixed all the groups, so Munich girls played with Cologne and Frankfurt girls.

It was a nice first game, Alina and Melanie could check out different positions, and get a feeling about what a real game is about.

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