The Frankfurt Redbacks are the male Australian football team of our club with players from many different nations and backgrounds. The Redbacks have been founded together with the club in 1995 and were one of the first Australian Football teams in Germany. Between April and September of each year, the Redbacks compete with six other teams in the Australian Football League Germany (AFL Germany).

The passion for the game, working hard for each other and playing together are some of our key drivers, which formed a strong community around us. Our team spirit is further developed through our various away game trips across Germany, training camps and social events which are some highlights during our football season.

We strive to further promote Australian football in Germany and love to get new players involved regardless of their nation, experience or ability. Whether you are travelling through Germany, an Aussie studying or working in Germany or someone who wants to try a skilful, dynamic and physical new sport, then the Redbacks will welcome you to the team! Contact us and join our training.

Redbacks team song

Oh we’re from Spiderland
A fighting fury
We’re from Spiderland
In any weather you will see us with a grin
Risking head and shin
If we’re behind then never mind
We’ll fight and fight and win
For we’re from Spiderland
We never weaken til the final siren’s gone
Like the Spider of old
We’re strong and we’re bold
For we’re from Spider
The Red and The Black
We’re from Spiderland.

Final score: #redbacks 23.23.161 #giants 3.2.20 #carrrntheredbacks #aflg #footy

Gepostet von Australian Football in Frankfurt: Frankfurt Redbacks and Frankfurt Redcats am Samstag, 4. August 2018