In 2017, a professional Women’s footy league was successfully implemented in Australia. This positive movement also continued all the way over to Germany, where a handful of enthusiastic female members of our club founded the Frankfurt Redcats – our all female Australian Football team – in November 2018.

Since 2019, the Redcats play in the newly founded Women’s division of the Australian Football League Germany (AFL Germany) alongside 4 other teams. On the back of the strong development of the German women’s league, some of our ladies already participated in international tournaments as they have been selected to play for the German national team.

The Redcats are coached by a dedicated coaching team separate from the Redbacks and regularly obtain game exposure – next to the league – through mixed intra-club games or friendly matches against female teams from Germany and abroad.

The TEAM always comes first – whether it is on or off the field. Therefore, the Redcats (with and without the Redbacks) regularly meet for social activities as well as these are an important part of the team’s club life.

Did we catch your interest? Join us for one of or trainings or social events and find out more about our team! Contact us and join our training.

Redcats team song

We’re the Redcats who win,
The Redcats who rule,
Come on, Rhein-Main aggression,
We’re the Redcats who fought,
It’s more than a sport,
It’s a new Rhein-Main tradition
We never stop, stop, stop,
‘til we’re the top, top, top,
There’s history in the making,
We’re the Redcats who win,
We never give in,
‘til the flag’s ours for the taking.