G’day, fellow members of the Frankfurt Football Club,

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Frankfurt Football Club. Some of you have been members for all those 25 years – or at least a big percentage of this time. Some of you are relatively new to the club. Some of you come to training every week, others are just there at games and haven’t kicked a ball in years. And still others haven’t been seen in years at all.

But you probably all want to know – and have the right to know – what the club is up to. Not only in its 25th year, but beyond that as well. That’s why we are starting this newsletter which we’ll write every 3 or 4 months from now on – with all the important news from Redcats, Redbacks and the FFC, the Club behind those teams. You should have gotten the first edition in the enclosed pdf. If not – get in touch!

This time we (the new board) introduce ourselves and tell you the important dates for this year – so that you at least can come and watch our teams play.

And if you have questions: Get in touch! (And tell us what you think of this newsletter and what you wanna read in later editions!

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